Blood and Pearls

Working on the edits for my short story, PEARL. This will be the second revision, third draft, though this draft is mostly, save a few parts, minor tweaking. I want to have it ready to send out to a particular market for August 1st. After that, I need to re-edit and tweak the next one and also look for a home for it.

And of course, work on BLOOD.

This week I was hijacked by a series of social events. Sunday, the Thursday of my work week, was the only night I was home alone. Sweet, sweet solitude. I spent the evening not writing buy mind-mapping in ThoughtsHD for the iPad. I’ve been working here and there on crafting new words, about a 1,000 words that are a combination of typed in and hand-written starts at work. They will be on my to-do’s for tomorrow and the next day.

But tonight, while I am technically out, is still writing time. Going to email myself a copy of PEARL in PDF format in iAnnotate for the iPad to do one last pass before it gets the old Courier 12 treatment.

More mind-mapping and some serious wordage will be on tap for the next two days. Will hit the 3,000 word goal. In fact, on the cusp of what should be a very fun scene to write. It will include snow, blood, mangled horses, and missing relatives. Good times!


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