Fickle By Nature

My goal for last week was a modest 1,000 words before the next meeting. I started off good, getting around 300 words the night after the critique, and since then I’ve been chipping away at it, getting words written here or there longhand while at work. Tonight is the regular weekly write-in at the library, so I’m typing in what I’ve got and embellishing a little.

And I’ve hit 1,163 words.

That’s not a huge accomplishment for a person. I realize this. That’s why I set the goal low I so could reach for it and be reasonably sure of achieving it. I’ve been beating myself up too much about this new WIP since returning to it and I don’t want to give myself another excuse for flagellation. I have enough welts, thank you.

Let’s see if I can inch that up to 2,000 words before Thursday.

It has been refreshing to be writing in 1st person POV again, a curious thing because I never considered to be my strong suit. But it has been a relaxing, even invigorating change and I come to the blank page open and ready and listening — which is what this project desperately needed. I am, however, rankling at the thought of the work I’ll need to do to rewrite the first eight chapters, including scrapping nearly all of one POV chapter that will not work as written, or even tweaked, and was, in my opinion, the best of a sorry lot.

Like, seriously tempted to stop and go back and rewrite them NOW. But that was leads to madness! I know this. I know this.

*rereads pieces of the 3rd person POV of previous chapters*


Aw, goddamnit I’m starting to like the 3rd person POV again!


Just keep writing words. Keep writing words. Reaching for 2,000 words in some POV or other. Rasifrasm! Or maybe it’s really one of those, “You can’t tell whether it’s good, shit or otherwise because you’re too damn close to it right now,” things.



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