Brief Update

The week has been good for me. Three days in a row of new words on the WIP and last night I knocked off to finish transcribing my notes. Tonight I will be spending some time in the office noodling on some scenes.

I’m at this weird stage where I have lots of good ideas for this novel — I have strong images of character clashes, setting pieces, major events — but still no clear idea how it all links together except in the most vaguest of ways. It’s like I’m planning a trip and I’ve got a huge list of sites to see when I get there but no idea how to decide my itinerary. So I’ve taken to just writing scenes that I kind of know and hoping something strikes. (I am getting some nibbles, but it feels slow going.)

I’m sorry for the utilitarian nature of my posts lately. My brain has been elsewhere. I keep worrying at BLOOD, keep feeling dissatisfied, annoyed. I hope it passes. I know when I start getting new words down, it will. Had the best high yesterday, after the last writing session. Last night, after only working on the notes, I didn’t wake up in the same frame of mind. The patient that won’t take the cure. I know, I know.

You could even say I know best.


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