Weekend Reflections

Another weekend at an end. Mourning the loss with a dewy bottle of Alexander Keith’s and a re-viewing of the blockbuster hit/muscle-armed eye-candy fest that is 300. Refreshing on all fronts. Besides these waxed chests, there are some beautiful shots, especially like this last one of Leonidas standing alone while his men celebrate, red cloak vivid against a sky filled with stars.

Typed in those longhand words and added to them. 1,100 or so. Not bad. There’s also been a lot of world building, stuff I didn’t know that I didn’t know. I suddenly have a werewolf culture and I have more of the history fleshed out. This is good. Layers are building.

I’m still hesitant when it comes to writing new words. Feels like I don’t have it fully cooked yet. It leaves me scrambling when it comes to the next scene. Don’t like it, but I know I have to push through. The world building is helping, though it goes from feeling useful to just feeling like another form of procrastination.

What is distracting me lately is trying to work in so many different mediums at the same time. Invariably I will not have the tool with me when I need it. Either I have the iPad but not my notes, or I have my computer and I forgot the iPad at home where I wrote notes in an exclusive application there. Or I have scribbled it down with pen on paper and I leave that at home. Not to mention multiple programs on both the Mac and the iPad. (Which will be leading to a new post about tools for the iPad shortly, but digressing.)

It’s grating, frustrating. It shouldn’t be this difficult to carry the novel around with me. I will pine once again for some way to have a Scrivener interface for the iPad. I would never grouse or complain or whine — all my needs would be met. Until then, I must wobble back and forth, never finding balance.

Seriously, how did people DO this before computers? It baffles. And I’m still not doing it all that well even with all my gadgets. Huff.

Reading Telling Lies For Fun and Profit by Lawrence Block, Kindle edition. Also burned through the last 200 pages of the final book in Glen Cook’s Chronicles of the Black Company yesterday. So good, but no version of the next three in the series, compiled in The Books of the South, can I find anywhere electronically. Perhaps I’m not yet done with paper?

Tomorrow is our regular writing meeting. Next week I’ll have a piece up for critique, a short story that came out because of an exercise. I have a handful of short pieces that I think are somewhat acceptable for submission — another thing I’ve fallen behind on.


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