Hey! I did something really cool!

See? I told you I wouldn’t come back without good news.

Indeed, I have written new words on the WIP. These are longhand pieces, my tried and true trick for getting unstuck, which expand into more words when I type them in. These words will spark new words, and soon I’ll be hip deep in the stuff, happily. Pig in shit, and all that.

I’ve also started back into the world building. When I began, I have very broad strokes. Now I’m narrowing in, particularly through the eyes of one of my main characters. I have pieces of her childhood, important ones, and the details of a pivotal moment in her life which has gone on to inform so much about her habits, her preferences, that hadn’t crystalized yet. It also created a whole new edge to one of the subplots that never occurred to me and I love it.

I’m really starting to get my writer-geek on.

Of course tonight I was supposed to type in all those lovely words, but I left the papers at home. Boo. So I ended up doing some clerical work. I’d half decided to put all the world building bits into Notebook and keep all the writing proper in Scrivener, but time and again I butt heads with Notebook trying to get it to do what I want it to do. No more. So I spent the evening session consolidating all my notes into Scrivener.

(How did people write novels before this? How did they hold all the data? Mind boggling, figuratively and literally.)

I’m off the next two days, and there are three things and three things along that I will be doing:

1. Laundry (Meh.)
2. Reading (Sexier.)
3. Writing! (There’s the sexy!)

Yeah, that’s the plan. Groceries will be in there somewhere, as well as a pizza night, homemade of course. But I want to make up some real ground on BLOOD, with new words and some intensive plotting and world building.

So when I come back, I wanna say, “Hey! I’m still doing something really cool! And this is what I did…”


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