After knocking off for a few days, I’m back to the writerly grindstone. And though I should be looking over those few short pieces of mine that may be fit to be sent out to some home somewhere (and Lordy, it’s more work trying to find a home for the damn stuff than it is write it in the first place…), instead I’m getting reacquainted with my actual WIP.

You know, the one I got about 13,000 words into before Script Frenzy? Yeah, that one. Hereafter referred to as BLOOD. Anyways, BLOOD was the one I began in November for NaNoWriMo, then promptly lost the draft (which will never happen again, as I have backups everywhere now) and had to rewrite it from scratch. (I also wrote a couple of short stories. I don’t know why! They just sorta happened. Anyways…) I put it aside for April and ScriptFrenzy, figuring it was only going to be a month off.

But that month turned into two and a half months, and frankly I’m getting fuzzy on the details. First order of business was to print out what I had and read it over. I’m almost done that and while I’m doing that I’m recording my first impressions and any questions or new ideas that I get from the read-through.

It is SO HARD to not want to rip it all to shreds and start over. Like, I feel like a recovering alcoholic that’s just been given her favorite shot after the worst day in her life. But that would be 13,000 words down the rabbit hole. Madness! The good news is that there are scenes which I really like. The bad news is that I can absolutely see how much I hated re-writting the parts I lost — you can taste it with every word. It will all have to be redone (later), as well as working on the P.O.V., which comes off as very remote in many scenes. I can tell where I slipped into new words and new scenes, because all of a sudden the prose isn’t trying so hard. It just is.

In the meantime, I’ve started doing some character work in Notebook for the iPad (finally giving it a proper test) and I’ve been having a ridiculous amount of fun with my new favorite iPad app, Moodboard. It lets me create a cork board collage of images, a visual guide post if you will. I’ve made a base one and now I’m branching out in to character boards and soon setting boards. Too much fun. I have to make sure I send copies to my computer so I can hoard all the details in Scrivener.

(Mental note: update the programs page on your blog!)

I bowed out of tonight’s write in, so I am at home. Going to put my feet up and get back to it since tonight will be one of the few nights I’ll have to myself in the week ahead. Weddings and camps and critique nights and best buddies coming in from way out of town. After Canada Day I’ll be battening the hatches and laying low until the heat from August cannot be denied any longer.

Oh, and happy Solstice Day!


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