(Written June 13)

And it’s done.

I thought I would get to this point last week. Then 2,000 words, then 800, then a few days of recuperation, then more words last night and then today. But today, while it started both slow and late, started to steam roll and at 2:38 pm, I was finished the draft of Wolfkiller.

That was two and a half months to write 35,000 words, a script that, with any luck, will be a useful treatment for a real novel.

That’s not a bad output. Not fantastic, but damn good for me. At that rate I could have roughly enough draft material for three novels.

(Written June 17)

… Suddenly, time ninjas appear from their hiding places behind my couch, in my fireplace, and behind my shower curtains! They were armed to the teeth with wild kittens and Italian plumbers and bok choy and the next thing I knew it was Thursday and I was back at work!! …

Whoops! This was supposed to be published two days ago! I guess I got distracted. Heh. But the bottom line, I’m done!

I did celebrate, making gyoza, drinking beer, wrangling my cats and playing a little Mario Galaxy 2. I guess my body is still trying to knock off from work, as I got very little done at the writing meeting tonight. I’ll have something (hopefully) witty and introspective next post. But for now, I think bed calls.

Friday, my mental vacation ends, and it will be back to my Gothic Star-Crossed Romantic Steampunk … Thing. Haven’t yet pegged the concept sentence. Still noodling.

Also, woo-hoo! I really liked how the script turned out. I definitely think that story will live again in another form.

All right, this is very articulate. Bedtime!


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