Discover Your Limit By Hitting It

After my blow out day of writing, I felt a little run down the next day. With the cats still getting used to each other, I decided discretion was the better part of valor and called in sick. I had visions of finishing off the WIP, too, and did my best.

My best being only 800 words.

Glumly I went off to my writing meeting, our critique night, and started to rouse out of my funk. But when Friday night rolled around I ran out for groceries and then vegged to a movie. I itched the entire time, my body knowing I should be in a different room, but I let myself finish the movie and then go to bed.

Tonight was much the same. The last two days at work have been just brutal and I haven’t had the temperament to be calm and solicitous and patient. So tonight I relaxed with a little Mario Galaxy 2, some kitten athletics, and my iPad — most specifically the Kobo app.

Without a doubt I read faster with a device than I do a paper book. I’m able to focus longer, light conditions are made irrelevant, and I can hold it in all sorts of comfortable positions. The only drawback is that not all e-reading apps offer the same functionality and that I would not be permitted to read my e-books at my desk at work. Which means I’m still trucking physical books around. For now.

Still trying to find the perfect writing application, but so far have settled on Notebook. The only thing missing there is the ability to save and send files in ways other than an email. Granted, that might just be me not having found it yet. It offers landscape writing with a centered pane, so I’m mostly happy.

And less importantly, paragraph indents! This will probably end up being a stylistic thing that will go the way of the dodo, but I like paragraph indents. I realize email doesn’t have them, my Kobo books don’t have them, and none of the writing applications I’ve tried have them, but there is a tab function in Scripts Pro, damn it, so why not the others?

Long live the paragraph indent!

(Clearly it’s time for bed.)

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