The First Real Test — Passed!

Okay, actually at our regular meeting and will be testing out the iPad properly for the first time. Yeah, I’ve been playing with it here and there, written snatches of the WolfKiller script on the Scripts Pro application, but this will be the first meeting where I do not have my laptop AT ALL. And yes, I feel totally naked without it. That I’m going through withdrawals. Like, hives, and stuff. (Kidding!)

But, yeah, this is the big test!

I’m not sure I entirely like the note taking application that I bought. Like, really don’t like it. And I’m coveting other applications. May break down and get another. My ridiculous small issue? The writing pane is off-center. Bugs me.

(Time passes … the meeting progresses … )

All right. So there was a lot of talk at the meeting, and lots of caffeine, but there was some writing besides showing off the new toy. A little annoyed at myself for buying “My Writing Nook” after I tried out “Simple Note” today. Both have the writing window on the right hand side with a folder/file list on the left. But after writing emails and WordPress blogs and even scriptwriting in Scripts Pro where the writing pane is centered, I really don’t like it off-centered. I thought “Simple Note” offered a centered writing pane and tried it only to discover no appreciable differences between the two programs. So, boo.

But the scriptwriting is terribly fast, and focused. I like it. I want the same thing for prose writing.

However I was handicapped by not having the laptop tonight. I’ve taken to using Notebooks on the laptop for note taking at meetings, which meant I didn’t have last week’s goal lists for the group. We winged it, but still.

The iPad continues to impress. I’m eyeing Story Tracker for the iPad, trying to find a writing program that will offer what I’m looking for, and getting faster and faster on this keyboard. Also finished editing those two short pieces of fiction and sent it out to two members after the meeting.

I really need to get my to do list back in shape. Tomorrow night it’s a “me and my computer” night. And Saturday night. And Sunday. I have to track my purchases, get those critiques printed out, clean up Evernote, update my word count tracker, and get pages down on WolfKiller.


Also, sleepy. Sleep is good.


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