Torn Between Loves

At last I have both the dock and iPad case. Together with my iPad, it’s my personal Holy Trinity. Of course, with the iPad case, you cannot have it in the dock, which didn’t occur to me at the time, but the dock is sleek and useful for when I’m doing some serious work at the computer and want it in the background.

Of course, I say this while typing madly in the iPad itself. You see, the apple case allows for a (somewhat wobbly) picture stand but more usefully as a very solid riser that tilts the iPad at the perfect angle for typing. Perfect. No hyperbole.

I’ve also completely caught up in the glut of RSS feeds (tho’ I still need to go through the starred items and copy them into MacJournal, which should get an update to an iPad version ASAP) and already I notice that I prefer the web experience on here rather than on the computer. I wake up and read my web comics, check my mail, and surf through Facebook and Twitter. I was using TweetDeck for the iPad and have found it twitchy, prone to crashing. I’ve moved on to Twitterific and when I lift my App-buying ban in July, I’ll likely pay the $5 to upgrade to the pro version.

The reason I’m not buying any more apps is because I want to see what else gets developed, what gets refined, and what will work best for my needs — needs which, frankly, haven’t been fully developed yet! I honestly thought that this device would be my mobile meeds consumption device, but typing on here is a dream. I’m already a fast typist, which can sometimes make for sloppy keystrokes, but I think given a few weeks of this and there will be no appreciable difference between writing on the computer and writing on the iPad.

Editing, however, is another matter entirely.

But again, still learning the limits, both mine and the device’s. So no more spendy. 😉

Up soon, my workshop experience! In a word, awesome, but something more descriptive/useful/thorough will be following. In the meantime, I’ve gotta get editing!


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