And Now For Something Completely Different

The iPad is here.

It arrived early this morning earlier than I could have hoped. By 10:00 am this morning there was a white truck outside and a delivery man asking me a ton of questions, like on price, on functions. Apparently I am one of about 500 people in my city getting an iPad delivered today.

And she’s a dream.

I don’t have the dock yet and I don’t have a case. They are in transit, will likely arrive next week sometime. I’m torn about heading out to grab something I can use in the interim, because I really, really want to take it out with me. Also, the apple case also stands in as, well, a stand! Typing Is not bad but it is something that will require some retraining on my part. You can’t have your fingers hovering over the virtual keyboard else you’ll start striking keys without trying to. But it’s responsive and with the predictive text rather robust. Once I have the proper case, I’ll be using this for the month of June to see if it can replace my laptop for on-the-go writing.

This was written entirely on my iPad.

It’s the start of a beautiful friendship.


2 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different

    1. Steph

      I swear, some days it feels like a contagion that I’m carrying. As soon as a person touches it, they’re infected and want to buy it. 😀

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