The Beach Experiment

So end result from yesterday was 700 words exactly. These were slowly gained, as the beach was both beautiful and distracting. The gazebo made our sunscreen rather pointless but saved us from the worst of the heat. It’s poised on top of a small hill, offering a great view of the main beach and keeping us relatively isolated for the first few hours.

From people, not from critters. A great luna moth hung near the lamp, the size of your palm and this serene color of spring green, waiting for nightfall many hours away. We had a few chipmunks streak across the floor of the gazebo like drunken frat boys at the home town football game. Small, iridescent black birds carrying either crumpled twigs or fat, crunched bugs would appear in the openings of the gazebo high above us, wondering why we were in their high rise.

But as the beach populated, we were less and less alone. We were accosted by a young teenage couple, the guy obviously drunk and thinking we had the best office space in town. (Yes, yes we did.) He was strange and intruding and spoke to us with his eyes uncannily wide.  They moved on. An older pair were enjoying the gazebo and then the man turned to us and asked if we had the stock market on my computer. I said, “Yes, but not right now,” and then he proceeded to tells us that the market was going crash and obliterate the pensions, “for real” this time. Uh-huh. Turns out he wasn’t with the poor woman that was up here after all, had just glommed on to her out of convenience and opportunity. In the end he toddled off and walked between two frisbee players, trying unsuccessfully to engage them in conversation. They just looked at him like he was across this incredible gulf.

Eventually a pack of teenagers (and I use the term here appropriately — they snapped and jostled loudly with each other for dominance, boys and girls alike) began encroaching and then moved into the gazebo proper. With their Hackensack game. (Who still Hackensacks? Is it 1998 again?)

But that was fine. It was 2:30 pm or so, and we’d enjoyed the gazebo mostly to ourselves for several hours. We packed up and moved on.

Still, while the words came slowly over those hours, it was a pleasant, restful way to write.  It was good to get out. The heat was lovely, not too humid, but warm and perfect.

Today, it’s threatening both heat and thunderstorms, so I’ll be hunkering down. My energies will be focused on ploughing through, as I intend to hold to my promise of finishing the WIP by the 31st or abandoning it altogether.  I have all today, all Friday, parts of Sunday… oh, but I also have crits to finish. For tomorrow.

So, tea and words and more words and even more words.

Not a bad way to live. *g*


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