At The Beach

Can I just wax poetic a moment about how glorious it is out here?

Summer has come roaring onto us a month early and no one is complaining. Sudburians, used to fickle summers that sometimes don’t even have the decency to arrive, take to summer madly and fully, stripping away our clothes, donning ridiculous sunglasses and acting like it’s the last summer we’ll ever have.

It was after a week of such weather, still ensconced in my bathrobe in homage to Towel Day, when I received a text from a member of my writing group asking me what I was up to today. “Writing,” I replied, “and cooking chicken wings. You?”

An invitation followed. “Let’s go out and write.”

So here we are, now, sitting at a picnic table under a gazebo. Ramsey Lake stretches out before us, trimmed by a small beach filled with happy swimmers and a green belt of mature trees and soft grass. Birds are singing, chipmunks chattering, and voices carry across the wind, laughing, squealing, shouting.

Did I mention the gazebo has five double outlets along the support walls and free wifi?

I think I’m moving here. Full time.

In fact, I’m already imagining my perfect work week as the fabled, full-time writer. Mondays would be spent on the patio at the Laughing Buddha, near the power cords of course, sipping Keith’s White Ale and enjoying spicy hummas or sweet potato fries. Tuesday, the beach, set up to write the afternoon away in the shade. Wednesday would be at the main library, to write new words and to research. Thursday of course would be the Fromagerie, with an exquisite cheese platter and a pot of Assam tea. Fridays? Not sure. Sylvie suggested Old Rock, the coffee shop in the downtown, but it’s small with little room for much in the way of computers and scribbly things. But that day could be spent at Chapters, where I could have good coffee, sweet nibbles, and the be able to pursue the bookshelves for the latest treasure.

Wonder what they’d think if I came in there on an iPad to buy books. 😉

Anyways, back to work.


4 thoughts on “At The Beach

  1. PiscesMuse

    I am SOOOOO jealous right now. The beach. Who would have thought they had wifi. I think that Memorial park also has wifi as I was picking up feed for it when I we were at the Buddha yesterday. (your forgot that Monday nights is the writer’s pack at the library in your dream schedule. Please don’t tell me that when you make it you will be ditching us. I might cry. JJ) Glad to hear you are having a good day.

  2. Steph

    Hee! Nah, just think we should move Monday nights to the patio full-time. Or I could work there before heading to the library. S’all good! 😀

    (All imaginary anyways. I’ll never be able to do this full-time, methinks.)

    Wifi was a little trickier. Runs through Vianet. You get one free hour and then it wants your credit card information. I don’t think so. 😉

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