Who Cut (Out) The Cheese?

I would have written a post on Thursday during the regular session, but we were at a temporary location without wifi. (Yes, you could hear us gasping like the fish out of e-water we are.)

It’s Creative Spark, a newly open studio in the heart of downtown. We were turfed out of our local hangout (had been booked by another group who took over the entire space) and had to make other arrangements. They’ve been trying to get a group in for the evenings and we decided to case it out, see if it would serve our purposes.

Our concerns are several. There’s an issue with access, as we’d be using the space when it is normally closed. That means either someone is coming in and leaving to let us in and out, or giving us a key. Also, food. At the Fromagerie, we can get food (read: ridiculously delicious cheeses), drinks, and have essentially paid for the use of the space when we do. (Sorta. They put up with us far longer than any restaurant has any right to, which is why we’re loyal.) We would not only have to pay a rental fee for the space per month, but then also figure out food and drink.

And I’m comfortable. And I don’t like change.

But we got in there, the owner’s dad letting us in and setting up a fold-up table to go with the odd dining room chairs, and settled in and we all really liked it.  No wifi, as mentioned, which was worrisome at first but ended up for the good. Once we got our habitual clicking out of the way, refreshing our Twitter and Facebook feeds, we got to work. All of us found it a quiet, stimulating place and I think we all found that we were super-productive, more so than normal. (Perhaps familiarity breeds a more relaxed attitude?)

And the artwork. Can I squee? Would that be ridiculous, too? Unlike some of the other galleries in town, which tend to feature one artist, the Creative Spark gallery has a collection of ten or so different artists, everything from photography to mixed media to traditional oils, showcasing still life, abstracts and surreals. Something different everywhere you looked. We had just enough indirect light from the setting sun to give the place a lazy glow and the windows opened up right over the street. It was … just a little creative haven, like we were apart from the rest of this drab town and someplace special.

I loved it.

So, I’m not sure.  Torn, torn, torn.

In the meantime, working on the script for the WIP. Starting to get annoyed with it, not because I’m not enjoying the story (I am!) but I’m frustrated with the format. Especially on Thursday, with everyone writing prose and I’m stuck writing script. No point, I figure, in switching over to regular prose because it would take even longer to finish and likely wouldn’t be useable when I went back to write it from the beginning. Just …. aaarrrgh! Itchy to get back to real writing. It feels like I’m writing this massive outline with all the dialogue, which is great. Except now I’m worried I’m not going to want to re-write it when it’s done. Still, it will only be a two month experiment.

Two months, because I’m going to finish this thing by May 31st.

Not an idle promise, or idle threat. I’ve been saying that I’d be done by the end of May for most of the this month, but I’ve just decided that I mean it. No giving it a few weeks after that ‘deadline’ passes. It will be done by May 31st or I stop working on it altogether.

If I do that, I’ll NEVER go back and finish it. I know me.

And I want to finish this story.

Because as of June 1st, I’m back on Blood of Wolves.


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