Mulled Words

At the Monday Night Write-In, and have entered in all the notes from the last round of critiques into a fresh file. I know that Scrivener has the snapshot feature that would save successive versions of the story, but it’s nice to have the files side by side where I can flip back and forth between them.

And now I’m procrastinating.  Sort of.

The obvious edits are done. Removed a double period. Added a missing pronoun. Minor, cosmetic stuff. The last minute things you do before guests arrive.

But there are larger issues to mull over. So I am mulling. Like a spiced wine.

My gender-free narrator experiment came down on the side of male, with many asking whether or not there should be any romantic tension between the narrator and the main character. Also, the ending needs some massaging, as it comes across a little weak right now.

Meanwhile, the main branch of the library appears to be as entertaining, if not more entertaining, than the old location. We got to overhear the sweet, albeit awkward moment between a librarian and a fellow asking her out. (She’s married.) There’s a gentleman sitting at the table where we sat last week who is either breathing in an overly labored manner or is snoring while he sleeps sitting up. It’s still two weeks away before we get our new room downstairs but we’re still thankful for these digs, as it is wonderfully, thankfully sun-free.

So I’m off on a small walkabout. Not that I need any more books, but I have to move my legs. And mull. Oh yes, there will be mulling so I can edit, and finish the piece. I plan on sending this story out somewhere before the end of May.

Huh. I may need a book for that.


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