Put to the Test

I have tea brewing and will allow myself to leisurely sip one cup before taking the pot, the sugar and my cup with me to the new office.

There are still things to do, in both the office and the living room proper, but they can wait. I’m not going to try to push it too much, but I’ll sit down for an hour (using a timer) and then I’ll get up, dress, fiddle around, then get back to it.

It also marks the beginning if a new habit — writing is done in the office, casual surfing everywhere else. The whole point of a laptop is that it’s a writing tool, but it’s become my media and communication toy. Having the iPad will help with this, as the laptop will (mostly) stay in the office. Until then, if I want to surf, I have to haul it out to the living room.

Tea has steeped! It’s the good stuff, too, from Mike’s present. Can’t think of a better way to start the morning.


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