Books? I got books.

The four-day process is over — my office has been moved to it’s new home in the Summer Kitchen and a dining room set now lives in the living room where my office used to be.

I hadn’t realized how much I still had packed from my old office until I began going through those extra boxes that had gathered in the corners of the basement. Some are still in boxes; they need to be gone through, downsized, recycled, repurposed. I have all my read books in here now, with the to-read shelf in my bedroom finally only housing books I actually still have to read. My supplies are visible, be they books, binders, paper or hanging folders. Oh, I can actually get at my hanging files now. Huge improvement. I have a new window I can open to get both light and fresh air.

And, you know, the cat can sit on the sill and caterwaul. As he is wont to do. Repeatedly.

(Googles cat gags and restraints)

I’m knackered, though. I was supposed to roast that duck, I have laundry to fold,  and I need to head out and get supplies, renew my bus pass. I need to get some screws on the wall so I can hang my cord board. Need something to fill up the empty space in my living room now that the more-decorative-than-expected bookshelves have been moved.

Yet  all I want to do is sleep.

Still, can’t help but look around and be really, really happy. It will be glorious in the mornings with the light streaming in, and there is enough light in th

e afternoon for it to be bright and cheerful and quiet. And at night? Mood candles, of course, with their shadow play light dancing across the walls.

Really, really happy.


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