Pavlovian Responses

The office shuffle/move/reorg (the LAST of it’s kind) proceeds ahead of schedule.

My plan was to leave it all until my days off and do it as one giant slog. But I kept thinking about it and after work the last couple nights I started taking small bites out of the task. Then I washed the floors in the Summer Kitchen and WHAMMO, next thing I know I’m hauling boxes around, moving tables, and calling in for another pair of hands.  I’d say I’m about half done: the major cleaning is completed, office desk is in place, and pre-fab shelves have been built. Now I need to strip my regular shelves of their contents, move and restock, as well as retool the set-up for best efficiency.

I’m at the library now, and itching to get back to it, get it done. I may even tear through the rest of it tonight so I can enjoy the next two days off.

Until then, I have to get back to Wolf Killer! As always, as soon as the big event is over, whether it’s NaNoWriMo or ScriptFrenzy, the output drops in time with the pressure. Hard to get back into it.

But I am. Wolfkiller soundtrack is in my ear. The whole soundtrack, headphone thing? Really training me to focus. Love it. I plug in, get pumped, and I’m writing regardless of what else is rocking around in that noodle of mine.

Back in a bit!


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