It May Be The Headphones

On Thursday, the day we meet for our regular writing group, I arrived at work and realized, to my abject horror, that I’d left my headphones at home. My ears felt queerly naked all day, and I wondered how I’d be able to write when I got to the meeting. It’s the first thing I do, plug in, and only take them off if it’s time to discuss something or if there are questions.

It honestly threw me for a conceptual feedback loop. No headphones meant no tuning out the other group members, let alone the public at large, and no novel soundtrack.

Oh, my naked ears!

And then it hit me. I always listen to music, with headphones, when I’m out writing. And the nights I’m most productive? The nights I have them on longer than other nights. Even when I’m not with the group, ear buds or headphones go on.

I used to think that being out of the house was what made me get into the writing mood, but I think it may be the headphones. Having music on in the background does no better, ’cause I’ll just get up and wander around. I’m physically attached to the computer when I’m writing and wearing the headphones.

True to form, I did not get much done on Thursday. No headphones and vague feelings of queasiness were enough to send me packing early, but I think I may be on to something. Plus, when I’m at work all day, I have headphones on. For eight hours. Maybe it’s like having shoes on. Shoes = time to work.

Boy oh boy, if I change jobs too many more times, I’m going to have one hell of an outfit to wear before my mind/body is queued up for writing. 🙂

I’m also reorganizing my office. Again. Yes, yes. You’ve likely read that here before, but after having two writing buddies over for an admittedly girly night, I realized that I am way too old to be sitting on the floor with my friends with scrap-booking gear. WAY TOO OLD. And it wasn’t comfortable for them, either.  If it’s only ever me in here, then who cares, but if I have friends over that’s really not cool. Plus, I don’t even have anywhere to eat when I’m in here by myself. So, the Summer Kitchen where I have my old dining room table (and where I was going to “write away from home” will be moved into my bachelor living room/kitchen area and all, and I mean ALL, of my writing stuff — my desk, chair, boxes, bins, bookshelves, and book collection — is going into the Summer Kitchen. I am completely taking it over.

So I will have the dedicated writing room. I will have a window in my living room that is more cat accessible without him having to use either my open Macbook or my external hard drive as a launching pad. I can actually eat at a table when I have dinner, and I can even feed other people.

It’s all coming together.

But I think, even in that new office, when it’s time to write, the headphones go on.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


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