Moving the Goal Post

With two minutes to spare last night, I saved my script as a PDF and verified it with the Script Frenzy website. I officially finished a whole day early!

Not that I’ve finished the story. Oh, no. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. It will be at least 120 pages, if not likely 140 — way, way longer than any “film” has any right to be.

But it’s never going to be a film, either. In fact, it’s become a highly formated phase-outline sort of beast, with the briefest description of action along with all the dialogue. I’ve been worrying about the script’s length on and off while I’ve been writing it, only to bonkers myself on the head saying, “Duh, it’s not supposed to really BE a movie!”

But it’s been so much fun to write! This is a story I’ve had kicking around for way too many years and doing it in script format, for Frenzy, has pushed me through the plotting phase. Normally this is where I tend to get mired and the process stretches out for months and months. But over the course of thirty days (which really was about 15 days if I count the days I actually write) I’ve gotten through 2/3rds of the plot and figure I can wrap this up in another week.

But what do I do with it afterwards?

Besides inflict it on my critique group. Heh.


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