The (Not-So-Much) Overnighter

We’re about to start our first sprint for the night at the Script Frenzy overnighter. Not that I will be staying overnight, but I wanted to come out to participate as much as I could. So in between great swaths of writing, I will babble here!

7:29 pm — Readying for the sprint! … Ack! Need music!

8:00 pm — Finished the spring at 515 words, three pages of script! Then wandering around for a cash machine, reminiscing as I wandered the old University halls, scaring a fellow Scripter in the bathroom, and then swearing loudly at the fact that not only do they not have a change machine but a card-pass system that I do not want to load $20 onto but the school charges an absolutely outrageous $2 for a bottle of pop! Anyways, back to it!

8:31 pm — Just finished another 15 minute sprint and was totally ROBBED by one of the Script Frenzy MLs. Fuck you! 🙂

8:59 pm — Fiddling around now, tightening up some text and adding a bit. Oh, which reminds me, I need to go back and add something earlier in the script. Pizza is being ordered, and the sugar/caffeine double punch of my Coke is doing happy-bubbly-bouncy things to my brains.

9:11 pm — Another sprint coming up soon. Noticed that I am “saving up” for the sprints, only half-writing in between. Trying to brainstorm the next few scenes. I seem to be better able to wing it when I know roughly the next three scenes.

9:34 pm — Another sprint has me passing the half-way mark for my goal tonight. 10 pages!  497 words. Have to sit back a minute or two and may just have to move around the scene I just started up a few positions. Yes. Yes, I think that’s what has to happen next.

10:34 pm — Pizza has been consumed! And the starch-lull/sugar crash has come bringing me down, down, down. I’m also at a place where the next scene isn’t immediately obvious. I dropped out of the fourth sprint to pluck at the words and have sort of half-formed a scene. That one I just mentioned above, about moving it? Yeah, will keep it where it is for now. Sleeeepy. Here’s hoping for a second wind! (Will need a third and forth and fifth for tomorrow, which will likely end up being an early night.)

11:32 pm — Not really participating in the sprints anymore. Besides being word-count discouraged, I had more of these scenes to work through. Managed to figure out where I was going in this newly constructed scene. Have left off with my main character vomitting up his lunch.

That’s it for now. Time to pack up and head home.

To bed, to bed. Oh sacred sleep. Guide me down, into the deep.


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