Getting the Blood Flowing

Started my morning with a combination of yoga and strength training exercises on the Wii. Yes, the poor balance board has been dragged out of exile, given a fresh set of batteries and pressed into service. Turns out the game figures I lost 10 lbs since the first time I played the game (some 700 days ago!) but the truth is that I’d gained 10 lbs over my starting weight and then went down 20 lbs.

Of course, this isn’t a blog about my weight, and will never be. Yes, I’ve changed my diet, but the goal of the Wii fit is to improve my circulation and my mental well-being. I don’t get to walk to work anymore, which is 20+ minutes every day with all my gear, so I need to do something. If this helps tone me, all the better!  But more than anything else, I want to increase my alertness and energy levels.

So far, so good!

And speaking of perking up my energy levels, we had another really good meeting last night.  I got more words down before the meeting started proper, but by the time everyone arrived, the space was completely taken over by a group going over the new HST regulations. And I mean, COMPLETELY. In fact, we were among a few tables at the place all given the hairy eyeball by the organizers. We tried our best to accommodate, even moving to a lounge area off to the side, but by then we had things to discuss as a group and their meeting made it impossible to concentrate or communicate.

So we hiked down to the Buddha and chatted at length with our beers in hand under the heat lamps on the patio. Good stuff. I’ve got a big to-do list for tonight on top of the writing I have on tap.

Speaking of which, I got some homework to do. 😉


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