Can’t Help Myself

Yes, I’ve played around with the blog. Again. Best time-waster ever.

No, wait, video games are.

As much as I love ’em, they gotta go. The only one I’ll keep on active rotation (and what I mean by that is that I should start “playing” it again) will be the Wii fit games with the yoga element.

I’ve been trying, the last few days, to finish off Final Fantasy XIII. I thought I had leveled up appropriately enough and have already sunk 60+ hours into the beast, only to make it to the end bosses and get murdered. When I went to YouTube to check and see what I could try instead, I saw characters with 2,000 more hit points than mine.

Which would mean a hell of a lot of grinding. On top of 60+ hours already invested.

How many words could I have written in 60+ hours?


So, I’m downloading the ending.  It’s the story that I care about at this point. While I wait for the hi-res video of the ending to finish loading, I’ve been playing with the blog. This banner is what I kind of want to go with, but the resolution isn’t what I’d like it to be.  Still, it’s a start. And at least time wasting on the blog is somewhat writing-related.  After today, there won’t be any more excuses coming from my PlayStation 3.


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