On That Note

Morning salutations to all!

Today, it begins.

Boy, that sounds terribly dramatic. Queue the da-da-DAAAA music!

Okay, what begins?

My new writing regime.

This has been percolating for a while in my little noggin. I’ve gone easy on myself the last few months, recuperating from the break-up, the downsize and move, settling in and then my yearly round of medical tests that (should hopefully) once again assure me that all’s quiet on the thyroid front. All that sealed the Ad Astra deal for me. The last four months have seen me drifting on cloudy seas. I needed anchor, I needed the stars. Now I can calculate the way home.

The plan for the remainder of April is to crank out the draft of the WolfKiller script and get in place the tools I’ll be using afterwards to track my daily writing progress. We also had a fantastic last meeting of our writing group, where Sylvie and I brought some of the new tricks we picked up at Ad Astra to the group for review, and in some cases, adoption. We’re clearing out the group blog, started up a new message list (that has already been more effective in the last five days than the blog has been in the last five months), and it looks like at least half of us will make it out to the writing workshop being held at the end of May.

I’ll also be blogging more. Not quite daily, but certainly more than I have been. Although sometimes it feels like I’m talking to a wall when I blog, at the same time it helps. Like talking out my dialogue. (Yes, I do that.)

More, more, more to come, with updates of actual production. And more blog tweaking!


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