Spring Cleaning

Oh, all the good intentions I had of posting like a good blog-bunny as soon as I returned from Ad Astra.

Foolish girl.

The week following Ad Astra was a whirlwind of its own, with my work schedule heavily tweaked to accommodate my year series of medical tests. The small good news is that they are at last done. Hopefully further good news comes along when I get the results in June. Combine that with events for Script Frenzy and a very intense (but productive) meeting of the Underground Writers, and I’ve barely sat down with my laptop.

(Except for my Script Frenzy script. Went to two write-ins, and have reached 36 pages. I am behind in overall page-count, but that’s okay. I’ll still finish the draft by the end of the month, and then use it down the road a novel or two as my super-detailed outline!)

Some decisions have been made regarding the structure and form of our writing group. One member has decided to go on sabbatical for a time.  We’ve decided as a group that the community blog is not serving its intended function and will be summarily nuked from orbit. In it’s place we’re going to try setting up a closed Yahoo Groups message list. It will make it easier for us to store critiques, communicate without getting lost in our respective email inboxes, and use the calendar feature to pick up off-the-cuff write-ins. Critiques will become bi-weekly, of two submissions per session, and we’ve opened the door to new methods of critiquing, including novel-length work, critiques of outlines, and brainstorming/unstucking sessions.

I’m pretty excited.

I’m also taking this weekend to plan out my writing time. I did some math the other day, looking hard at exactly how much free time I have at my disposal. As much as I wish I could do this full time, I can’t. Not now, maybe not ever, but I can stop wasting the time I have now. Other writers do this, they balance the full-time job and still produce work. That’s where I want to be. Where I will be.

By the end of 2010 I will have revised The Last Witch and have completed the first draft of Blood of Wolves. I will also edit the small stable of short stories I’ve started and begin sending them out. Popping my submission cherry, as it were. And since taking it as it comes has not been a successful strategy for me, it’s time to raise my own expectations of myself and get tyrannical with time and my habits.

More to come!


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