I cannot brain today …

Oh, kitty, do you ever have it right.

It feels like it will be one of those days, where you just can’t get warm enough and you always have a box of tissues and cup of warm tea ready. I woke to itchy eyes and a persistent cat, which means when I finally got out of bed, I was harried and red-eyed something fierce. I’m glad that last night I utterly indulged, ordering enough pizza to know that between it and the leftovers in my fridge, I can go the entire week before Ad Astra without cooking. Slippers and words from here on out!

Script Frenzy is going very, very well. I’m at 24 pages, far ahead of the minimum goal posts for this stage in the Frenzy game. I had started out of the gate with 12 pages at the day one write-in, managed another two on my own at home over the Easter weekend, but not much else. That brought me even with the progress bar, more or less, before I started last night.

This write-in was at a local Tim Hortons, since the regular Monday hang out, the public library, was closed due to the holiday. Good lord, I thought the chairs at the library were uncomfortable. And all you can smell were the cookies baking, layers of sweet upon sweet, nauseating. Also, no wifi! Like a gasping fish, I was. But with head phones on, looping through my self-selected movie sound track, I managed another 10 script pages. That brings me to a quarter of the way through the goal for Script Frenzy for only three writing sessions! Huzzah!

Of course, my main character isn’t even a werewolf yet. And since most real movie scripts are around the 120 page mark, that’s what I’m going for. And I want it to be finished, a complete story, something I cannot do with 50,000 pages for NaNoWriMo. Not that I’ll do anything with the script when I’m done, but it’s a great exercise.

Why? Because I don’t have time to dick around.

This story is something I’ve had percolating for many, many years. It’s worn a few different coats, it’s almost been a novel, a script, and then a novel again. I had most of the big pieces in place, but not enough of the small ones, the page-to-page, scene-to-scene details, making it far too easy for me  to procrastinate. But there’s no room to procrastinate during an event like NaNoWriMo or Script Frenzy!  You don’t have time to over think things or worry that it’s crap. You have to keep going.

And the pluses of writing a script are many.  Because it is a script, there is no fawning or freaking over the details. Action, words — that’s all the script has room for. It means I’m blocking out scenes far quicker than I normally do. It also means that I’m not particularly invested in one scene, one line, over another. I gleefully (and quickly) go back to fill something out or add and subtract whole scenes.  I haven’t labored over it, so cutting something out isn’t like removing a finger. And being under pressure to deliver means that my intuitive side clicks into high gear and starts providing the details that I always struggle with before I find that elusive ‘zone’. My ego, my fears, normally the greatest barrier to entrance into the writing process, doesn’t even catch wind of the fact that I’m writing at all.

Granted, I have never “pants” one of these events.  I have always gone with in the broad strokes of a plan: the characters, the initial set up, the big scenes.  I don’t think I would come out of one of these events with anything productive if I didn’t have a plan. But as me and my fellow write-in writers were chatting in the car, this may be a great way to block out all of our novels in the future. It would be a take on the Phase Outline approach, which has worked for in the past when stuck on major sections.

However, after all that, I direct you once again to the picture above. I have the dumb today. I plan to hunker down with some books and some tea. It’s going to be a great weekend, and I want to be well-rested for it.


2 thoughts on “I cannot brain today …

  1. Steph

    It was a day well wasted reading neat-o fantasy books, playing FF13, napping and eating vast quantities of leftovers. I have also not gone and begged for a Coke or Pepsi, which has been by unending urge all day! 🙂

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