It Begins!

Script Frenzy, that is.

So tonight was the kick-off and we had six gathered at the local hangout. Got to work straight off, only minor distractions, and managed to pull off 12 pages!

I’m noticing that my Macbook battery is only making it to around three hours, so Julia stepped in and offered me the loan of her power cord. To be expected, I suppose. The Macbook will be about two years old this summer, so some things are bound to start going. I may have to start carrying my own around when I am out and about.

Still, very exciting! I will finish Script Frenzy this year. No doubt. Nothing will stop me this month!

Of course, it’s a bit funny. I intend to do absolutely nothing with this so-call script. I’m never going to show it to anyone, except maybe any interested friends, and it will be trunked at the first opportunity.  It’s the first doesn’t-matter piece I’ve written in a really long time.

And I’m having so much fun with it!

Also, and a totally unrelated note, the only piece of mail in my mailbox today was an ad for a local pizzeria chain. ME WANT. But will not buy. Nope.

Maybe for Ad Astra. *grin*


2 thoughts on “It Begins!

  1. Steph

    Well, that’s the thing. Originally it was supposed to be a novel.

    Years pass.

    I decide to trot it back out again when I first heard about Script Frenzy three years ago. Failed.

    Decided I still wanted to make a go of it, started working on it as a novel again. Got distracted.

    And here it is, 4th kick at the can. Though truth be told the very first idea for it came to me back in 1988. Still have the original notebook I wrote it down in.

    Yes. I am THAT old. (And that sentimental, apparently.)

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