Strangely Accurate

Strangely Accurate

I have done nothing of writerly value today.  I did something that may assist in my writing, though; I found a space for my dining room table.

My apartment is … weird. It’s a basement apartment in a tiny house, but a house that has weird, TARDIS-like qualities to it.  No one driving by would think it had a back and front apartment, and a basement apartment to boot. By no means is my space large. I have a bachelor-type room with small kitchenette and living space, a small bedroom and bath.  These three rooms are arranged around a common staircase that also leads to a general laundry area/furnace as well as three other rooms. Two are storage rooms and the third would be called the “summer kitchen”, where back in the days before air conditioning they would put a full kitchen in the basement without dying from the heat.  Up until recently it had some of my boxes and lots of material that my parents had kept well past keeping. They had gotten rid of a bunch of stuff, and now it was my turn. I condensed down, stacked artfully, and freed up a ton of space both in the kitchen and in one of the spare rooms where a lot of my junk had gotten piled out of necessity.

But more interestingly, it freed up enough room in that kitchen to move my old table and a chair in there.  Gave it a good rub down with some Murphey’s Oil and I may have another place where I can set up to do some writing.

It gets sunlight in the morning, all the way ’till near noon. This is strangely important to me, more so now that I live in a basement apartment. The old house, while I loved it, lacked any kind of southern exposure, so it was often dark even on the sunniest day. Sure, it made for cool summers, but I missed the natural light.  The bachelor living room of my current place gets some sun, mostly between 3pm and 6pm in the evenings when I am not at my best.

But the summer kitchen … with no distractions, no tv, only room enough for a laptop and whatever notes I have under gentle morning sunlight? Yes, this could work out well. More on that later.

After the tidy, I called in for the shift bid, landed a dayshift, and then celebrated with entirely too much Final Fantasy 13 for the length of the afternoon.  I know it’s too much because I’m left with a headache and the general malaise of having wasted a day.

PS: Forgot to post the update I wrote while at the Script Frenzy kick-off.  Should be somewhere down below a few posts.


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