I Guess This is Progress?

Doctor Who FunPaper

Originally uploaded by scribofelidae

At the library, with Lady GaGa in my ears and the sun beating down on my head. We’ve taken to wearing our hoodies up, like a pack of delinquents although we are pressed to service of literature!  (Ha.)

And I think I’m finally finished here. The lack of color is atrocious, though, but I can’t be bothered with finding a site else-web and invest in the time it would take to truly trick it out.  To compensate, there will be numerous pictures of odds and bobbles, mostly writing related. Mostly. I make no promises.

In the meantime, I’m going to be cramming these next two days. I have a short story to finish (get off my back) and I will be doing … deep breath … Doctor Who fanfic scripting to prep myself for Script Frenzy.  There, I said it. Judge me as you will!


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