Script Frenzy Schizophrenia

So I’m at the Buddha Brainstorming session, our informal kick-off for Script Frenzy. I’ve eaten my pizza and still drinking my delightful raspberry beer, and have been staring at my half-finished treatment for the movie for about an hour now with no new words.

I’ve tried reading what I’ve written over a few times. Zilch. It could be the conversation, it might be the beer, but I am looking at this treatment and thinking to myself, “I can’t go farther without writing the actual script!” I want to start writing, start cooking up all the little details, because it’s those details that will suggest how the rest of the script will go.

Sylvie suggested that I just start anyways, and not count the words I write before April 1st. Which, yeah, I guess I could. If it was a novel, I would. Why not? But this is a script. This is supposed to be entirely for fun. It’s not like I’m going to give up working on fiction in favor of chasing down Hollywood. And frankly, this is going to be a pretty hack script. Starting early would just feel like cheating.

So I’m working on the ending, or at least the big pieces of it.

Also, one beer greases the gears. Two beers, and I am a bit of a useless tit.

Good to know!


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