Illicit Sundays, Playing Hooky

Hooky is only hooky, I suppose, when one does it without permission. But having planned ahead and given away my shift, I am now doing what I’ve been fantasizing about doing for about a month now — getting an extra day off.

See, that’s the burden of shift work when you have low seniority. Sure there are stat days, where you get the extra cash for having to work, but while everyone else on the planet (it seems) gets a long weekend about once a month or so, you never do because you don’t have enough seniority to get that day off with pay. And those long weekends matter! Not that today’s day-off will give me a three-day weekend or anything, but I am luxuriating in it all the same.

But today isn’t just about taking the day off. There is another reason — the Script Frenzy launch party! This runs from 1:00 – 4:00 pm today at a local indie bar, The Laughing Buddha (very nom-nomable, with incredible hummas and stone-baked pizzas and lots of imported beers to choose from, including this outrageously tasty raspberry beer from Belgium). I wasn’t planning on going, originally, because I would have been working. However, the shift bid has dropped at work, and cross referencing my seniority with the shifts available has been a deeply depressing exercise. I am assured of a start time of around 3:30 or 4:00 pm unless something miraculous happens. What this means is that I will, almost completely, miss all of the special events for Script Frenzy this April and will end up doing it alone.


So I thought, “Fuck it, I’m going to the opener!”

It’s a meet ’n’ greet, where there will be a mix of veterans and newbies alike. I’m hoping to finish my treatment today as well as socialize and have a good time.

(Although, to be honest, what actually sold me on giving away the day at work was that damned raspberry beer! I’ll post a picture later. A friend at the last writer’s meeting had one to celebrate her good fortune, and the smell of that beer just would not release me. Bought one as well that night and decided, YEAH, going to the Buddha for script writing fun and raspberry beer.)

More blogging to come. I’m on a chattable upswing again. Trying to keep the personal stuff to my own journals, but I have random writing-esque, book-esque topics churning around in my head that will only have this blog as their collective outlet. Sorry! *grin*


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