Room for Writing and Feet Alike

It’s still in the works.  My lofty goal of finishing a total draft before I went to bed that night poofled into a cloud of zzzz’s, but I’m still working on it.  I’m going to play with it this week, try to get it together.  Might even dash it off to the crit group if anyone can spare the time to read it. I’m not sure if it’s a full story yet, but so far I’m trying to focus on concrete details and wondering if I can get away with a nameless narrator.  Time will tell.

I’ve also spent some time tonight re-organizing my ‘organization’ of my writing space.  Up until today, my feet were bumping against a too-big box under the desk, the writing box for The Last Witch was blocking off the bottom rows of shelves on one book case, and all my writing prompt books were tucked away in the writing toy box.  This was not a result of a mad scramble of unpacking unpacking, but an impatient, distracted unpacking.  I was trying to get it just set up, not perfect, because there was still so much to do.

Now, the underneath of the desk has all the necessary space my feet could want, my bookshelves all offer easy access to my reference collection (except for the read paperbacks, which are just being stored in an out-of-the-way place), and my prompt books are back on the shelf for easy access, browsing and hopefully inspiration and tutelage.

(Don’t worry — the writing toy box still has lots of toys and prompts, but with more emphasis on toys. Heck, I should take pictures and post all that I have in there. Would be cool!)

But most importantly, the table is clean. Spartan. Functional.  All I have on it is the laptop, my wee speakers, the bamboo tablet, and against the one corner in one narrow column is a box for my pens and markers.  The rest is blissfully, relaxingly, invitingly open, just like those tables I keep favoring every time I’m out of the house and productive. I can even quickly remove my laptop and horde the space entirely for old fashioned pen and paper without it having to be a giant dismantling operation.

This satisfied me deeply, and helped to banish a mood I’ve been in.


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