Doing The Math, And Swearing

A very productive critique night, even if we were a small group today. I had submitted Chapter Three of the last finished WIP and got some great feedback, as usual. The only problem is that I come home and I want to edit that novel, instead of working on the new one. And then at the same time, I look at the members of the group who write short stories and I want to write short stories.

Why? Because they have these completed pieces, something they can write and then share and then edit and then send out, all in the space of a month, or less! Jealous. Big time. And then I look at these chimera novels of mine and I just don’t know. They are so big, so far away from finished.

Thoughts along these lines always run into thoughts (of the kick-myself-variety) of how I’m not structuring my time and making the progress I want to be making with respect to word counts, editing, finishing and submitting.

So maybe … maybe I should make each day a distinct activity day? Monday and Tuesday are writing-out nights, and critiquing once monthly. And I love those days. I look forward to them, count down the hours, and then geek out tremendously. Why not make the rest of the days of week the same? I could make Sunday’s short story night. I could make Tuesdays editing day for The Last Witch, Wednesday for full-bore drafting work on Blood of Wolves, and … and …

And of course all of this goes out the window for April and Script Frenzy.


See, this is it. I want to do all this creative stuff, but if I do it all, then I’ll never get anything finished! It took forever to finish the first draft of The Last Witch. On and off, a year and a half? Granted, only the last four months did I do series, day-to-day work on the novel. For Blood of Wolves, it’s technically been in the works for four months, though I suppose since I had to restart the damned thing. So, three months? Let’s not even talk about editing. I’ll be dead before I have a publishable novel at this rate!

Am I serious about this, or am I just playing?

Cause if I’m just playing, none of it matters.

But if I’m serious, I need to get serious. Not that I can’t have fun, but I need to give writing, and the work, the consideration and priority it deserves.

Much to think on.


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