To Script(frenzy) or Not To Script?

Drinking genmaicha and setting up my GoodReads account. Slept in this morning, so I’m a little bleary and slow moving. And every other word I’m typing is showing up with little red squiggles.  And I seem to have  picked up a cold somewhere, as I sit here sneezing and coughing with my throat rasping and dry.  Phooey.

Yesterday was my “about town” day.  Had to look in to biweekly contributions to a savings account possible coverage for a drug that I will need for my regular, annual bout of tests. (This year a bone density scan has been added to the mix of regular blood work and other hijinks.)  Then a trip to the used book store, where I dropped off volumes of hardcover cook books that I rarely cracked open only to come home with five new fiction paperbacks.  Two steps forward, one step back. I’m trying to limit, if not stop buying altogether, physical books as I hope to get the iPad when it’s finally released.  This is proving difficult.

Then I sat down with my computer at the local writing hangout to wait for a buddy before the night’s festivities to do some work.

I’d been waffling, you see.  I’m finally finding my feet on the current WIP, but ScriptFrenzy is right around the corner. I’ve been forced to skip it the last two years for various reasons and then NaNoWriMo ’09 went out of the window.  While I was dealing with my personal life, I watched from the outside while my fellow NaNo Writers had a blast this year.  So I really want to participate in ScriptFrenzy, even though I shouldn’t.

Why shouldn’t I?

Well, I’ve got this novel sitting over here, newly fashioned, begging for attention.  I’ve also got this other novel, the draft written and needing revisions.  I should be focusing my time and energy on them.

But, it’s only  one month.  One out of an entire year.  And it’s ScriptFrenzy! Perhaps I have an unrealistic idea of the work involved, but I think that if I can get the treatment more or less hammered out, I should be able to breeze through it.  And it has the potential of getting me back into a daily rhythm that I can then sustain after Script Frenzy is finished.

That’s something that I need most of all.

So I sat down for about an hour and a half yesterday hammering out the first third of the treatment.  It’s based on a story that I’d intended for Script Frenzy a few years ago and then tried (half-heartedly) to write as a novel, so I know the basic storyline enough that I don’t have to spend weeks figuring out my characters and plotting the thing.  It was time productively spent, even if it was done away from home.


Like, seriously, this is getting ridiculous and expensive. I need to figure something out so that I can get work done here at home where it doesn’t cost me money at an eatery or in transportation.  Not that it isn’t good to get out and get a change of scenery, but that needs to be the exception, the treat, not the standard.

And of course, later that evening after dinner, I hit up the local Chapters and picked up two more non-fiction books, one on surviving critique groups and one on scriptwriting.

Which, I suppose means I’m committed to ScriptFrenzy whether I think it’s a good idea or otherwise.

Good idea or not, it will be fun, and I could use some of that.


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