It’s Dead, Jim.

The tea maker has died.

I didn’t try using it at all yesterday, hoping that, like my near indestructible iPhone (which survived full submerging in a simmering pot of french onion soup), if I just left it alone long enough, it would repair whatever functional damage it had self-inflicted and start working again.

It didn’t.

Oh, the little light comes on.  But nothing else.  No heat, no percolating, and above all, NO TEA.

So tonight I have to set about purchasing a new tea pot.  Probably not going to go mechanical, just something I can steep the tea in. It’s all very distressing but then I have to realize it was a plucky, trustworthy tea maker, used near daily for over two years. Possibly three. I can’t recall.

Rest, little tea maker.  Your journey is done.

Speaking of tea, last night was our regular writing meeting and while I did not get the same amount of words I managed on Monday, I still nailed  a respectable 1,000 words.  This is good.  I slept well.  (Though that might also be the lemoncello’s fault.)

Must motivate now, and get ready for work.  Also switching gears again, and heading back to longhand writing while at work. I also managed some more plotting between calls and I have a better idea of the final conflicts of the novel.  Nothing 100% yet, but I have this foggy sense of mutual doom for my two main characters.  Poor things.

Of course, now I just realized that if I kill off the guy I thought I was going to kill off, the scene of him helping later has to either be moved up or removed.  Rasifrasm.

So, more plot work today, I guess.  *grin*


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