Productivity in the Wrong Places

Not that I should be complaining about productivity. I realize this.

But I am.


Last night we moved the Monday night write-in to where we normally meet on Thursdays because Julia had turned 25 and we were off to celebrate at the local pub. Would save us time and bus fair being downtown to begin with. There is talk of doing that on the monday following my birthday, but we’ll see. Consensus seems to be that the Monday group still likes the Library. Still, it was need getting the other gang out in regular gang territory.

Before everyone got there, though, I managed to hammer out 700 words, and by the end of that portion of the evening, I had managed 1,200 words and have hit the 10,000 mark!

And I am so close to catching up to where I was before the first draft was lost. After that, it’s all new words, new images. And that’s so exciting! Honestly, this whole process, all this catching up, has felt like I was editing something I’d written already (which I had!) without even having the original material to refer to. Hair-pulling! Drink-inducing! Arg! Arg! Arg! It’s heavy, thinky writing, not the rush of just creating, playing. It’s made for slow progress.

But, I’m nearly tipping over the edge. In theory I have a really good scene to write next, where the main character meets the other main character for the first time. There should be sparks, there should be tension, there should be fun. And then after that, new stuff!

The only problem is that all my productivity is happening away from home! I haven’t hit 1,200 words at home since the move, since before even that! No real excuse anymore. My place is finally my own this “weekend” and I plan to take advantage of it … though, I feel kind of like I have a bit of a house-jinx going on.

Still, 10,000 words!

*Snoopy Dance*


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