Prepared to be Unprepared

I believe I said, at some point, that would I go into February considering it a wash from the start. The move. The shower refurbish. Getting settled in. I knew this. Had prepared.

Prepared or not, though, it’s still left me feeling vaguely dissatisfied with my progress on multiple fronts. The bathroom refurbish, which was supposed to be a week only, is now dragging into my second “weekend” off. There are still boxes about, but they are buried underneath open tool boxes and displaced bathroom bits. Still haven’t felt like I’ve gotten the budgeting under control, or my cooking. Especially lunches. Been a bad bunny about takeaways and the like.

But there have been items to buy for the new place. Most of the place is quite live-able and homey and I can find 9 out of 10 random objects with very little effort. The bathroom should at least be ready for when I go back to work on Thursday, which means less awkward padding around in slippers and house coat early in the morning in the common hallway.

As for the writing, I’m getting it down in drips and drabs and have reached 7,700 words, but I’ve made progress on the plot. As ever, I have the first handful of scenes of the beginning, some big stepping stones, and only the vaguest hint of an ending. I’m trying to be proactive so that I don’t get stuck, though I’m certain that part of it is procrastination — I’ve not gotten past the part I’d written up to before I lost the 1st draft. The prep work has paid off. I have the next five scenes fairly well planned out and much more plotted out beyond it. Figured out my second villain. Also identified two large possible plot holes that need addressing sooner rather than later.

The sketch book has proved invaluable in this process. And it’s stupidly, embarrassingly fun whipping out my pencils and markers and mucking about. I have started up the cue cards, though, to get the scenes in order.

In truth, though, I have enough material right now to keep writing the draft.

So, with that said, my goal for the weekend: Finish Chapter Five. I cheated a bit, skipped ahead. Besides whatever running around I have to do, there will be the general plot work, and more importantly, Chapter Five.


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