Where’s That Rhythm?

Feel like I’m Fozzy Bear out here, dancing on stage, singing with all my heart and despite all evidence to the contrary that, “I’ve got rhythm!”

Yeah. As much as a muppet with two puppeteers can have rhythm.

Because as I look at the dates of my poor blog, I certainly have no discernible rhythm when it comes to posting, when it comes to much of anything. And yet I’ve been in the new apartment for half a month now and I just haven’t found it yet. A few days ago I realized there are some little odds and ends from my old office are still packed up but on the upside I’ve repurposed a wicker basket for my magazines. So, win and lose. But still no rhythm. No steady words day-by-day. This has to change. Will be changing.

That said, today was partially, surprisingly, productive, despite my shower being utterly gutted and destroyed with the aid of a sledgehammer and jackhammer. Of course, to facilitate this I fled the apartment, heading downtown. There was something I wanted to try.

I had subjected Sylvie to a viewing of Shaun of the Dead, my all-time favorite movie. She’d never seen it — a sin I had to remedy at once. Since she is a fellow writer, I showed her the featurette where Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, the writers, show a portion of their process, a lecturer’s pad set onto an easel filled with page after page of scenes in the movie. Mostly chronological, sometimes with snippets of dialogue, sometimes diagrams. A few scenes were literally just a mind map, with a central title and then a starburst of possibilities. In some cases, they were pointing out pieces that didn’t make it into the draft. Tiny jokes or full-on scenes having been deleted. But the whole of the piece was there. Each time I’ve seen the featurette, I get giggly. They are so excited, and you can’t help but feel the same.

And it seems like such damn-cool way to outline.

So I went on walkabout. Found the lecturer pads, but it was too large and would require the easel at any rate. Would not do. I wandered around, wondering. In the end, I picked up a cheap sketch pad, bigger than standard paper size, and headed over to the regular hangout to get to work. Two hours zoomed by and three over-sized pages later, I’ve suddenly discovered I scene that needs to be written, and right now, before anything else. More work will be done this way for most of tomorrow. I would like to figure out this damn novel now rather than later.

Until then, blogging and sipping Lemoncella cut on some ice. Lovely.

Meanwhile, in other minutiae.

Recent Reads: Joe Hill’s 20th Century Ghosts, with is trim, efficient and yet still evocative prose; Nancy Kress’ Probability Moon, a tantalizing opener to a hard SF trilogy that may prove difficult in tracking down, and currently on Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Dart.

Recent Movies: As mentioned above, Shaun of the Dead (eternal favorite), but also Zombieland and The Dark Crystal, which has one of the best lines ever — “Of course not. You’re a boy!”


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