Luxury Bent To Purpose

My first work week with the apartment being apartment-y is nearly at an end. Tomorrow is my work-week Friday, which will be capped off by the write-in at the local library.

And then two whole days off. Luxury!

While the boxes may be (95%) unpacked, my wireless network properly set up, and my general life-flow sorted out, now I have to get down to the details:

1) Sorting out the finances. I have about two weeks worth of receipts and transactions to track. Likely will take a good hour of fuss work. Bleh. Once that’s sorted I’ll be able to keep up on it a little easier.

2) Back on the wagon. The writing wagon.

I’ve no room for my large cork board. That is an unexpected bummer, especially now when I need more than ever a chance to sit down and throw my current novel scenes up on the board. I did write a little last night, managed a small amount of words besides the roaring, too warm fire of the fireplace. I was sleepy already, though. Never a good way to get my words.

But I think I’ve figured out a key strategy. I need to spend more time on my days off planning the writing that I’m going to do during the week. In the last month or so, especially since the move, I’ve noticed that while I have time to write at night, when I sit down I am futzing around a lot. It feels like I have a lot of unorganized, grunt work to do and it keeps me from the writing. If I spend my larger blocks of free time on my days off not just writing but planning out what I’ll be working on during the next five days, it should make it easier to stop-drop-and-write during whatever free time I have during the week.

What I really, really want to do on my days off is finish setting up the novel notebook in Notebook. I want to set up my characters, my rough notes, but mostly I want to have a system in place so I can summarize the goings-on of each chapter. I had meant to do that with The Last Witch, didn’t, and now as I look towards editing the thing I really wishing I ad. Since I’m only about three chapters into the current novel, The Blood of Wolves, it won’t be such a Herculean task to start now and keep it up.

So I’ll be setting some time aside to do this critical prep-work, as well as getting down new(ish) words and planning the weeks writing ahead. Going to give myself low word count goals during the work week, only a measly 250 words, and will ramp up every week until I hit a good pace. I’ll be expecting more than that on my days’ off, of course. I should be able to get more than that during the two write ins. Depending on how well tomorrow night goes, I may end up heading out for another solo writing session out of the house.

(And I do admit, all last night while I tore out those sad, pathetic words, I kept thinking about how it felt writing that scene the first time. How effortless, how vivid. Like the difference between reliving a dream the moment you wake and then trying to relive it a day, a week, a month later. I have to get past these scenes and get to new words. I worry if I don’t, I’ll never get over it and will stop writing it altogether. I thought I was over the mopey part of losing the original draft, but I guess not entirely.)


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