A Word-By-Word Recap of A Write-In!

Wherein the writer records, in semi-inane detail, the events of our write-in!

6:00pm — General chatter about life and writing and relationships. Just me and Julia so far. Still getting my act together so far as my notes are concerned, though there has been progress made over the last couple of days while at work. And Shawn arrives! That makes three.

6:15pm — Starting to get words down from the handwritten stuff over the last week.

6:30pm — Chat-a-rific! Hmm. Hard to focus. And my feet are freezing thanks to this ice-box of a library. Only 188 words so far. Bad bunny!

6:45pm — We’ve digressed into discussing alcohol. Julie is splitting her current WIP into two novels, Shawn is brainstorming a YA supernatural novel for a scholarship he will enter, and I’m babbling in between writing. So far, 447 words.

7:00pm — Created a new page, the Glossary, in my world-building notes. I’ve never had to do that before. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I suppose that my take on fantasy Renaissance is going to need such a thing. For my benefit as much as anyone else’s. Now 549 words and a headache brewing.

7:15pm — And now we have Sylvie! 657 words, with a brief interlude into the creation of a Peanut Butter Cookie standard among the group for writing-related services.

7:30pm — Digressing into Twitter and Twitter-feeds, but also at 723 words. Best thing about all the handwritten pages is that doing them got me over being bummed and annoyed at losing the draft. I’m excited about this book again. I want to see what’s coming next.

7:45pm — Nice thing about writing longhand, then typing it in, is that the words grow. We’re getting all chatty now, but still writing-related; specifically the limits of YA, pertaining to gore. And the librarian just yelled out the last call for the night.

And we’re done!


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