Christmas has come and gone, and with one wonderful family get-together around one succulent turkey feast. Presents unwrapped, wine sipped, rolled home stuffed like the birds of yore and tumbling into deep, comfy sleep.

Today is Boxing Day, the day after. In communities across Canada, people are lining the malls and spending whatever money they either have left or received as a gift. But not in my home town. No, Boxing Day keeps its malls all boxed up. No shopping for this northern Ontario town!

Which suits me fine.

It’s a day of lounge pants and chai tea, a Top Chef marathon running on the TV while I spread out on my bed surrounded by the animals of the house. And while I lounge and goof around, I’m playing through my new toys: Notebook by Circus Ponies and a shiny black Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet!

*dances* Nerd life! *dances*

Notebook I’d tried (and loved) before NaNoWriMo. I know I mentioned it near the end of October. What I didn’t mention is that, after a week of messing around with it and with NaNoWriMo LOOMING I knew that if I didn’t remove it from my hard drive, I would end up messing around with it all month and not actually write anything.

So I wiped it from the hard drive and put it on my Christmas list.

The tablet was a surprise addition to that list, once I realized the Notebook offered that sort of functionality and when I realized how affordable tablet add-ons are these days. Tablet basics have been covered, so now I’m knee-deep in Notebook tutorials. It will still be a massive undertaking to move the mountains of data I have into Notebook, but I have a week to do so. Starting January 1st, I’m back on the writing wagon, as well as the pack-up-all-my-stuff wagon.

Which, in turn, will lead to the unpack-all-my-stuff wagon, which will then become my make-my-place-a-creativity-den wagon. Booyah!

Back to nerding out! Hope your holidays were all they could be!


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