I Swear, I’m Allowed

With the first draft of my second novel done, I looked forward to spending the week before NaNoWriMo prepping for the next one. “I have a week,” I gleefully told myself. “Plenty of time. AGES.” I laughed heartily, smug and satisfied that everything would fall into place without much effort.

Silly, silly girl.

Sunday? Spent mucking around with Notebook.

Monday? Some more mucking around, before I realized that to get Notebook completely (and satisfyingly) set up would involve a great deal of time that I really didn’t have. So, a project for down the road. I will likely end up dropping some coin for a license, just bad timing that I won’t get a chance to really put it through its paces before I do.

Tuesday? Well, I still have a lot of time, I figure at this point. I try returning to the well reviewed Princess of Roumania but still find it a bit of a slog. But I’m halfway through. Shame to give up. I really like the antagonist’s P.O.V. but find the main character, and her passages, dull by comparison. Maybe I can finish it before NaNo?

Wednesday? By this point, my morning hours that are supposed to be dedicated to writing, which were so productive the two weeks prior, become a bleak, unproductive blemish on the day. I’m cranky at work, and because I’m carting notepaper and pens for the scant bits of actual NaNoWriMo work I’m doing, I’ve left Princess… at home. I turn to the e-book edition of Club Dead by Charlaine Harris and found myself caught up in it.

Thursday? Let’s not talk about mornings. I’m sleeping in. At this point I wonder if it’s just post novel laziness or if the new schedule has finally caught up to me. I certain seem better able to stay up later to write (last weekend being a great example) than getting up early to write. Problematic. Even at the writing group night I am wholly unproductive. In the course of two hours, I manage to type in about ten Post Its of scene ideas and do a smidgen of web research. Once home, I finish off Club Dead. I try going back to Princess… but know that it won’t happen.

Friday? Put Princess… aside, and pick up Naomi Novik’s Black Powder War, one that’s been in my to-read pile a while. Went out that night after my shift ended, but then turned in early. Sleeeeep ….

I was starting to get anxious about this, but then I figured, “Hey, you just finished a big ol’ draft with a huge word count push at the end. Give your bobble-headed brain a few days to come up for air and don’t kick yourself over this. At least, not yet.”

Where does that leave me for NaNoWriMo?


I have my log line. I have the two main characters. Sorta. I have the supporting cast. Sorta. I know it will be 3rd Person P.O.V. limited, possibly alternating between two characters. I have a mosaic of images in my head that visualize the setting. I have the conflicts fuzzily arranged on the periphery. I have about ten concrete scenes in mind, one of which is my starting point. I have an iTunes playlist, which is slow low on the To Do List, it’s embarrassing. Yet done.

This afternoon is wide open for NaNo prep, but the truth is I’m still procrastinating, not least of which is blogging instead of brainstorming. I’m trying to at least type in the notes I’ve made by hand in hopes of sparking new work. But all I can think of is that I’m cold, that I’m sleepy, and that tonight my folks are coming over after the Halloween candy’s all been given out to either give the new telescope a spin or watch scary movies if the clouds roll back into town.

The only think that’s stopping me from going into a full-blown panic is that tomorrow a few of us are getting together to start NaNoWriMo at a private write-in at someone’s cottage. It will be five hours or so of do-or-die NaNoing, and my procrastinator’s brain keeps saying, “Ah, you’re going to get so far ahead tomorrow. Don’t worry about being ready. Ready will come the moment you start.”

GOD I hope she’s right.


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