And It’s Done

I pushed through the first draft last weekend, after a very late Friday night and the bulk of Saturday. I even left the NaNoWriMo Meet ‘n’ Greet party to get back and home and write the ending.

No editing. At least, not yet. November is given over wholly to NaNoWriMo and I have a week to prepare. Well, less than a week now. Only a few days.

Of course, as soon as I was finished, I then launched into converting my MacJournal idea files into Notebook files. This … this may end up being a mistake. There appears to be no seamless way to import the documents en masse, so I have spent the last two days painstakingly, and I do not use the term loosely, copying and pasting it over. It’s going to be such a time sink to do it, but the program is so pretty. The sticky note functions make me squee as if I was actually buying a pack of multi-colored Post-its at the local Staples.

In order to not lose my mind, I’ve decided that I am going to divide the usage along two lines; MacJournal for notes that I’ve made about stuff (like my Blog) and Notebook for notes that I’ve found on the web (like my idea folders). This seems sensible.

But here I am, two days later, and I am thinking that while this will be a useful thing, I’m two days closer to NaNoWriMo with, frankly, very little to get me started.

I’ve also been moody. Sure, I had some intense, stupid-grin going on for at least parts of Sunday, but this morning, after puttering around with Notebook and the Interwebs, I got off to work slightly cranky, unfocused. Probably because I didn’t do any writing.

Wow. What a boring post! Where are the fireworks, the wa-hoos? I finished the draft! It’s my second novel, and it’s done!

On to the third!


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