Two Week Review

I just talked about this topic over on the Underground Writers blog, but I’m going to go over it in more detail here. (’Cause I wanna.)

So it’s the end of my first two weeks on the new schedule, the one with me working 11:30 am to 8:00 pm and setting the mornings aside for writing. Using the handy-dandy iPhone application Write Chain, I’ve been keeping an ongoing tally of the words written per day (since I appear to be too lazy to update the actual Excel document that’s supposed to house that information) and I have hit 10,000 words during these two weeks.

That’s fantastic for me. I’m terribly pleased but realize this isn’t enough. I have had a few mornings where the output was low. To be honest, I am taking this morning off and doing more computer-puttering and blogging with the intention of writing tonight when I get home.

Things I’ve learned so far? If I get ready before I sit down to write, if I have my shower and get dressed and all that, I write a whole lot less. Once I’m ready my body goes into waiting-to-go-to-work mode and I start puttering, killing time, full stop. I got ready first that one day and my productivity dropped like a stone. I think getting dressed just signals to my brain that my time isn’t mine anymore. It’s the world’s now, on its schedule and pursuing its interests so it’s all housecoats and slippers and tea for me.

(The reverse isn’t true, though. I don’t doubt that if I got home after work and got into pajamas that I’d get anything done. It’s time for bed at that point, more so now because I come home so late. Nothing a pot of jasmine tea served at 9:30pm won’t cure, of course, as I learned the other night.)

What I have noticed, as a delicious side effect, is that I am more productive in my quiet moments at work after a morning writing session. Even the other day, when I was stuck and got no where in the morning, I ended up hand writing out a page and a half of the scene that I typed in the next morning. I’ve done phase outlining at work and significant brainstorming on the upcoming NaNoWriMo novel.

I still need to get my tail in gear. I have two and a half scenes left for the WIP. I plan to put some hours in this weekend, maybe even pull an all-nighter tonight if Todd heads out. Tomorrow is the NaNoWriMo Meet’n’Greet at the local pub, so I will be getting my drink on then.

I’m also being unfaithful. Again. I’m trying out Circus Ponies’ Notebook program to see if it would help organize my clippings and research. I will never switch from Scrivener for the actual bulk of the writing, I need Word in order to (more easily) create the manuscripts for submission, and MacJournal allows me to write and upload my blog entries while keeping a local copy, so all three are safe. But the rest of the clippings, ideas for stories and writing advice culled from the blogs I read, are becoming a bit of a mess. I do use tags (extensively) in MacJournal to help, but I’m finding now that when I go back to look for something I know should be in there it’s a bit of a trick to find it. There are some formatting issues, placement of images and that sort of thing, that this Notebook program may assist with, so I’m giving it the trial run. If I do make the leap I’ll still be using MacJournal, just not for everything.

I have approximately … *does some rough math* … 2,000 entries of all kinds, over 700 of which are for this blog in all its incarnations since its inception in 2002. Oh, dear god. No wonder I can’t find anything!

Well, enough babbling. On to less pleasant tasks, but not without my notebook. At least, the physical one.

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