Progress on the Non-Scene

It’s coming along nicely.

Granted, it’s weighing in at over 2,800 words — all of which cannot be in the book. It’s amusing mostly, only a little annoying. But I’m not really surprised. I’m writing from the point of view of the “villain”, not that he sees himself as that, and it’s in third person restricted, a viewpoint that comes naturally to me. I can slip in whatever he may or may not be thinking at the time. I can describe the world through his eyes, his views, his biases. It’s fun. Not that I’m not enjoying writing the main character’s 1st person point of view, it’s just easier to be just off the shoulder instead of right inside.

Besides the non-scene, the new writing schedule is working out fantastically. The least I’ve written is 500 words so far, but the other two days I hit over 1,000. So long as I can handle the ongoing weirdness at work, the next seven weeks (soon to be six weeks) will be productive.

And, hey, it’s the writing group night! Time for cheese and tea and … oh yeah, writing!


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