Friendly Math; New Problems

In lounge wear at the moment, on my first morning of the new schedule. I should be upstairs in my office, clicking away at the keyboard on Chapter 30 (which I did, incidentally, phase outline last night). But I’m cheating. Slightly. It’s Canadian Thanksgiving today, and for most folks, it’s a day off work. Felt a little guilty about heading upstairs while he’s home, so I am downstairs on the couch with the headphones.

I have 14 work days, not counting today, before NaNoWriMo. Rough work on the NaNo novel will be done at work during downtime between calls while the mornings will be focused on finishing the draft of the WIP. I’m going to start slow, expecting about 1,000 words per session from myself and ratcheting it up as I get closer to the end of the month. That’s a cushion of 14,000 words in which to finish the novel. Plenty. As long as I keep plugging forward, I should be done well before then.

What I realized last night, though, while phase outlining the next scenes, is that I was having trouble picturing the order of events exactly. It’s a reaction to events that happened when the P.O.V. character was somewhere else entirely. This has been a problem looming for a while and one I haven’t found a satisfactory solution to yet. The novel is entirely 1st person. My M.C. cannot be there, but what happens sets the final scenes of the book in action. So I’m trying to write the scenes around that time frame and I’m realizing that I am going to have to write a scene that can’t possibly be in the book so that I can write the rest of it.

Which is a new problem for me, but not a bad problem to have.


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