I am a MORON.


So, remember that story I sent out for that Zombie Erotica anthology?

Yeah.  Didn’t send it.  Only realized today.


Well, in an attempt to be proactive about backing up my files to make sure I don’t lose anything.  I had had a close call with Dropbox recently, where I opened an older file in the Dropbox than the one I had on my computer which looked like it had wiped out the newer file.  This was because I wasn’t using Dropbox properly — I had turned what should be an automatic system by keeping the files separate and moving the files manually.  So last night I spent an hour or two cleaning up my filing system and moving all my fiction into the Dropbox folder so that, in theory, as I edit them on the computer Dropbox would seamlessly make a copy on its site.

So last night as I am swishing back and forth between files, it looked like I had only saved writing files, grabbed them out of the trash, put them back in, only to discover this morning that, once again, I had the old June file of my WIP — missing seven chapters.  Tears/screaming followed.  I was able to find them, replace them, one at a time, made a secondary backup.  Then I went through and checked my other recent work to make sure they were up to date, too — especially my little zombie story.  Sure enough, the second draft I had mailed out was missing.  The attachment didn’t turn up in search of Postbox, so I went over to iGoogle to get it there.

Only to realize that I had never attached the story in the first place.

You may remember me doing so for the critiques.  And I did it when sending a friend my WIP just this morning.

I laughed and laughed and kicked myself.

So, I have yet to actually send a story of mine ANYWHERE.

*grump grump grump*

(Cross posted to the Underground Writers, so they can have a good laugh at me.)


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