A Drop In The Bucket, Or Box.

After this morning’s brouhaha with Dropbox, it appears to be working smoothly now. I added another scene today to the novel, some 1,028 words, and Dropbox was happily updating in the background. This is good. My only wish now is that I could figure out some way of moving the location of the MacJournal data into Dropbox so I could have a backup of it, which includes my blog and all of the cool things that I find on the web, like writing advice or news articles that spark story ideas. I am sure there is a way to change the location. I just can’t be so thoughtless as to blunder my way through in finding it. There’s a lot in there, more than what Scrivener currently holds, and losing it would be just as big a blow.

Also pulled out my old Excel word count sheet, created a blank year template for next year and updated it with some current data. Feel kind of bad that there are three months between the beginning of the year and now which are totally blank even though I was writing, just a little.

One of the things I’ve noticed lately is that I’m tending to write more when I sit down and do it than I used to. I’m easily getting 1,000 words out without any teeth grinding or hair pulling, or, frankly, worrying if I am going to even make it to 1,000 words. Bit of a watershed for me, and even managed to do it on a work-night last Saturday.

I managed good word counts on my first NaNoWriMo, but hadn’t been able to match it since. In fact, I thought maybe I couldn’t — not long term, not while I was working full time. It may also be because I can see the ending in sight for the novel, but then again when I end up working on some sort of writing exercise, I suddenly find myself lost in the flow and cranking out words I didn’t even know I had. This is good. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be quitting my job or choosing deliberately not to work any time soon. Gotta stop day-dreaming about that and just get down to producing, ya know?

And tomorrow, our first critique session! I can’t wait to get my story back all marked up, chewed on and crumpled up. I hope they mangle it like a hungry dog. Hopefully they will find my critiques useful. It should prove interesting. We’re also heading back to the La Fromagerie (first time in about a month) so I’ll get to nibble on some really good cheese and have a nice pot of tea instead of pre-fabbed sandwiches and a calorie-laiden chai tea latte.


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