10 Cent Surprise Bag

Here’s a list of everything and anything else besides writing that I did today!

I’m enjoying Melusine by Sarah Monette. I’d been meaning to read it for a while now and I used my trip to Montreal as the test to try out Stanza on the iPhone. Yes, I did buy it on e-Reader, but I switched over to Stanza right away. Just like the application better. I’m about a third of the way through the book on what’s felt like little reading time. My friend Lesley swears that she reads faster on her iTouch than with a real book. I wish there was a way I could time my usage, just so I can compare.

The upside? Digital bookmarks, the built-in dictionary (at least for Stanza), and being able to not only not require a reading lamp but also being able to reverse the text and background colors all make it worthwhile. The downside? I’ve already been in a position twice of not being able to read the book because the iPhone was charging, or so close to dead that I had to reserve the battery in case I needed to make a call. Nor, if it’s a book that I really, really love, can I keep it and use it for reference to guide my own writing. Can’t get a rough estimate of the number of words in the book. Maybe that’s buried somewhere in the app. Most incriminatingly, many books I want to read still aren’t available through e-Reader.

I made a lovely pizza. Chewy yet airy crust, dry-cured pepperoni, stretch mozzarella, and all of it cooked to perfection. Amazing how a bad day can just drop away after you bake a good pizza. The only thing it was missing was a good beer.

I visited my mother, with the dog in tow. I’ve been told I have to give her a copy of the horrendous first draft of my first novel. I think she has the unrealistic expectations regarding the quality of said, never-revised first novel. And I’m having regrets about even agreeing. There can only be a bad outcome, here. *sigh*

I updated the Off-Week Writers website, newly christened just The Underground Writers. Mostly fiddling with the template, making a cheesy banner graphic and tweaking some parameters.

I spent way too much time at my computer not writing. I angsted over the inability of my desktop Net News Wire client to sync with the iPhone Net News Wire client because I stupidly downloaded the new Beta that will be syncing with Google Reader going forward. No one but me seems to appreciate that not having a sync-able RSS reader is going to be a huge pain in the arse.

And then I installed Microsoft Office.


I know, I know. I’ve sworn off the multi-headed beast that is all things non-Mac.

But. But.

I’ve come across it many a time in my trawling of the internet that most places, if they do accept electronic submissions, often want it either included in the body of the email, attached as an .RTF format document, or, especially for novels, in a Microsoft Word document. I couldn’t point you to any particular website that says this, but I’ve come across it enough for it to tickle my memory and, when seeing an opportunity to get Office for Mac, pounced on it. Damn shame that OneNote isn’t available in the Office suite. Damn fine program, that one.

And it didn’t help that, frankly, my iWork ‘08 (purchased just weeks before the ‘09 was announced…grumble) disappointed me. I had a hard time figuring it out intuitively and it didn’t appear to let me do what I was used to doing with an Office-esque software suite.

So, right now, my computer looks about as disorganized as my office.

And I haven’t written a damn, bloody word.

Tomorrow is our new, regular meeting. Drama-less, with any luck. We’re going to decide our collective future as a group and, hopefully, get some writing in as well.


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