Freakin’ Out!

Today’s been spent in a flurry of productivity — trip related, not writing-related — and it’s turning me into a bundle of nerves.

Finally finished combing through the World Con programming panel. Oh my god, I am going to miss so much. I thought I’d go through it and just write down the ones I wanted to see for sure but when my note page shows four different panels plus a writing seminar all scheduled at the same time, my brain just about exploded. I wasn’t kidding about that cloning machine, but I just have to take a deep breath and say to myself, “You aren’t going to see it all. What you will see will still be awesome. Deal.”

Right now, dealing involves resting my tired fingers and tired eyes by looking away from the screen and sipping some tea. After the blog post, of course.

Up next, backing up my files (tho’ I’ll be cheating, just doing the fiction and pics) and then packing the bag before making some dinner and heading out for a movie. Yes, a movie, followed by a beer. I want to be utterly zonked by the time I get on that bus tonight. I need to sleep while I ride else I’ll be sleeping away coolness on Thursday or, worse, be utterly corked on energy drinks before crashing Thursday night. Trying to avoid the wholesale collapse of my body before the end of the first day.

And dog needs a walk. That will rest my eyes.


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